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Smart Stamp® adds a new kind of visual ID label onto the front surface of traditional postal mail to connect letters, postcards or packages with the Internet. The special Smart Stamp applied onto postal mail adds a color coded Microsoft Tag and our proprietary wireless RFID tag encoding technologies with industry standard mobile devices.

Smart Stamp enables all mailers to conveniently link and interact with information contents of sent postal mail for secure voting and other mobile applications. Voters with disabilities, or other election voters, can securely cast secure votes from their mobile phone after authenticating paper-based election mail with Smart Stamp using their mobile phone and Touchatag service—linking real world items to the online world.

All postal mailers can apply Smart Stamp services on mail to better connect with and increase the responsiveness to their mailings and advertising initiatives using interactive campaigns that add instant and private access to videos, music, photos, custom text, interactive payment forms and other secure Internet content links to their marketing communication to redefine the power of postal mail products and services in the age of mobility.

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